The View

The delicious treats are not the only reason to visit the bakery. The view of the bay is also truly spectacular from our spacious deck. There is no better place to sit with family and friends while enjoying your bakery treats.

Eastport is situated at the opening of the Bay of Funday, famous for its extreme high and low tides. From the bakery you can be witness to this vibrant and beautiful marine ecosystem. From our deck you will be able to observe:

  • Whales
    • Minkie
    • Finback
    • Right (rare but right whales have been sited from shore)
  • Seals
    • Harbor
    • Grey
  • Harbor porpoise
  • Sharks
    • Mako
    • Thresher
    • Porbeagle

Looking up from the sea, it is not uncommon to see a bald eagle or an osprey overhead. And of course, the sea gulls lend their voices to the wonderful sounds of the waterfront.

From our deck many other activities on the bay can be observed:

  • A fishing vessels unloads its cargo at the breakwater
  • The Eastport Windjammer's "Ocean Obsession" enbarks on another whale watch cruise
  • The comings and the goings of the Lubec ferry
  • The fishermen (and women) on the breakwater pulling in mackerel and sculpin
  • There may be a cruise liner or tall ship tied up to the dock as they visit the Eastport area
  • Or maybe a Navy vessel docked at the breakwater for the 4th of July holiday
All this from the deck of the Moose Island Bakery.

If the weather is not cooperating, indoor seating is also available.

Relaxing on the Deck.
View with a book.
Our spacious deck.